Tech Community: Naming attachments

This post is inspired by following Microsoft Tech Community conversation:

Using Power Automate, Outlook attachments are being saved to SharePoint. Attachments need to be renamed based on extracted text from the email subject line. For example: “text1 text2 11849850 – text3”

The part of the Flow that I am interested in will extract text using the SPLIT, FIRST and LAST functions.

The SPLIT function breaks a string into a table of sub-strings based on a specified delimiter. Using our example from above and specifying a space (“ “) as the delimiter:

split('text1 text2 11849850 – text3', ' ')[“text1″,”text2″,”11849850″,”-“,”text3”]

The FIRST function returns the first record of a table.

first(split('text1 text2 11849850 – text3', ' '))text1

The LAST function returns the last record of a table.

last(split('text1 text2 11849850 – text3', ' '))text3

To get “11849850” out of “text1 text2 11849850 – text3” we have to break down the string into its parts and filter out what we don’t need. Within Flow:

  • Initialize a variable called varEmailSubject to store the example text
  • Remove the hyphen by initializing another variable called varSubject using the following expression:
    • split(variables('varEmailSubject'), ' - '))
  • Remove “text3” using the FIRST function in the varSubject action with the following updated expression:
    • first(split(variables('varEmailSubject'), ' - '))
  • Remove “text1” and “text2” using SPLIT in the varSubject action:
    • split(first(split(variables('varEmailSubject'), ' - ')), ' ')
  • Finally, use LAST in the varSubject action to get the target value:
    • last(split(first(split(variables('varEmailSubject'), ' - ')), ' '))

The final formula looks complicated but once broken down into its smaller parts its more manageable.

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