Modernize Sign-offs with SharePoint Online

Microsoft released a simple, yet very effective, approval tool for business automation called Request sign-off. The request for sign-off comes "out of the box" and works with individual documents and list items. To start a sign-off: Select the target document; click Flow and select Request sign-off. Click Create flow. Behind the scenes the flow will … Continue reading Modernize Sign-offs with SharePoint Online

Modernize Agreements Management

Most higher-ed institutions have the need to manage agreements with other institutions (i.e. exchange programs). This usually comes in the form of an Excel spreadsheet buried away in a shared network drive. Using SharePoint and Flow will go a long way in modernizing agreements management by surfacing content and adding value through automation. Recent enhancements to … Continue reading Modernize Agreements Management

Reinvigorating the SharePoint Issue Tracking App

The Issue Tracking app has been around since SharePoint 2007. It has proven itself useful for projects and support operations alike. Recent developments with column formatting present opportunities to breathe new life into the Issue Tracking app. Current Issue Tracking: Issue Tracking with column formatting: The use of JSON column formatting in the Issue Tracking … Continue reading Reinvigorating the SharePoint Issue Tracking App

SharePoint Hacks – Modern Experience

The modern experience is a welcome addition to the SharePoint platform. The user experience is elegant and works well on desktop and mobile platforms. The modern experience comes "out of the box" with all SharePoint Online provisioned Communication and Team sites. For those of us with legacy "Classic" sites the option to “upgrade” is available … Continue reading SharePoint Hacks – Modern Experience