Modernize Agreements Management

Most higher-ed institutions have the need to manage agreements with other
institutions (i.e. exchange programs). This usually comes in the form of an Excel spreadsheet buried away in a shared network drive. Using SharePoint and Flow will go a long way in modernizing agreements management by surfacing content and adding value through automation. Recent enhancements to SharePoint Online make this process even easier.

Create Agreements Management team site:

  • From the SharePoint home page, click Create site.
Create site
  • Click Team site.
Team site
  • Provide a Site name and Group email address. I am using “Agreements Management” and “Agreements” respectively. Click Next.
Site name and group email alias
  • Add additional owners and members as you see fit. Click Finish.
Add members and owners
  • Create new list. Click New > List.
New list
  • Provide a list Name. I am using “Agreements”. Click Create.
List name
  • Click Add column, select Single line of text.
Single line of text
  • Enter “Description” for the Name and click Save.
Description column
  • Repeat the previous steps to add the following columns:
NameTypeFormat / Values
AgreementTypeChoiceUndergraduate Exchange
Graduate Exchange
Faculty Exchange
StartDateDate and timeInclude Time = No
EndDate Date and time Include Time = No
PartnerNameChoiceAllow ‘Fill-in’ choices = Yes
ContactFirstNameSingle line of text
ContactLastNameSingle line of text
ContactEmailSingle line of text
ContactPhoneSingle line of text
NotesMultiple lines of text
  • My finished list looks like this:
Complete list

Use the Format this column feature with the “Status” column to indicate if an agreement has expired:

  • Click column menu, Column Settings, Format this column.
Format column
  • Select Fill background color and click Edit Template; set “If Status is Active” to green and “If status is Expired” to red; click Apply.
Fill background
Format column

Use Flow to create a reminder email for soon to expire agreements:

  • a. Click Flow, click Set a reminder and then select “EndDate”.
Set a reminder
  • Click Continue.
Flow set a reminder
  • Change the “days in advance” to 90 and click Create.
90 days
Flow created
Flow done

Here is my finished site:


I used the Quick links web part with the Button layout and Fill color to create the home page button.

Quick links

The Agreement Management solution is simple by design and adds value by:

  • Centralizing content in the Team Site
  • Being online and accessible
  • Mobile friendly
  • Automating expiration reminders
  • Allowing for more growth with further automation, view formatting, reporting through Power BI.

Thanks for stopping by.


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