Modernize Sign-offs with SharePoint Online

Microsoft released a simple, yet very effective, approval tool for business automation called Request sign-off. The request for sign-off comes “out of the box” and works with individual documents and list items.

To start a sign-off:

  • Select the target document; click Flow and select Request sign-off.
  • Click Create flow.
    • Behind the scenes the flow will connect to SharePoint, Approvals (Flow) and Notifications (Flow). These connections are required to make the process work.
  • Enter an Approver name (multiple are allowed); an accompanying Message and click Run flow.
    • Click See Details to see what is Flow is doing and how.
  • After the Flow starts a new column called “Sign-off status” will be created and the status will be set to “Pending”.
  • The Approver will receive an Approval email request from Microsoft Flow and be prompted to “Approve” or “Reject” the sign-off request with optional comments.
  • The “Sign-off status” will be updated to “Approved” or “Rejected”.

The power of the Request sign-off feature is not the technology that drives it but rather the simplicity of use and the empowerment of end-users.

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