Use Power Automate to move Microsoft Lists items to another list

In this blog post I will show how to use a “button” to “move” an item from one list to another using JSON column formatting. The Create a button to launch a Flow for the selected item JSON code was developed Chris Kent and I have used it to great effect when manual archiving items was required. I am using two copies of the Microsoft Lists Issue Tracker template for my examples. The source list is call “Issue tracker” and the destination list in called “Issue tracker archive”.

Microsoft Lists Issue tracker and Issue tracker archive

Let’s create a simple Flow that will copy the selected row to the destination list. Create a new Flow by clicking “Automate” > “Power Automate” > “See your flows”.

Automate, Power Automate, See your flows

Click “New” > “Instant-from blank”.

Instant from blank

Provide a Flow name, I.e. “Issue tracker – Archive”, select the “For a selected item” trigger and click “Create”.

SharePoint For a selected item

Set the “Site Address” and “List Name” to your source site and list (Issue tracker).

SharePoint For a selected item

Click “New step”, search for “SharePoint” and select the “Get item” action. 

Set the “Site Address” and “List Name” to your source site and list (Issue tracker).

Set “Id” to “ID” from the “For a selected item” trigger.

SharePoint Get item

Click “New step”, search for “SharePoint” and select the “Create item” action. 

Set the “Site Address” and “List Name” to your destination site and list (Issue tracker archive).  Set all other fields to the matching fields from the “Get item” action.

SharePoint Create item

Click “New step”, search for “SharePoint” and select the “Delete item” action. 

Set the “Site Address” and “List Name” to your source site and list (Issue tracker).  

Set “Id” to “ID” from the “Get item” trigger.

SharePoint Delete item

My completed Flow looks like the image below.

My completed Flow

Save and test your Flow by going to the source list, select a list item, click “Automate” and then click “Issue tracker – Archive”. Click “Run flow”

Automate, Issue tracker - Archive

If all goes well the selected item will be created in the destination list and deleted from the source list.

Copied row to archive

Let’s add the “button” to the source list by adding a new “Single line of text” column called “Flow”.

Create column

Copy the JSON the code from Github.

Format the “Flow” column by clicking “Column settings” and then “Format this column”.

Column settings, Format this column

Click “Advanced mode” and paste in the JSON code.

JSON code

Replace the highlighted Flow ID with the ID with your newly created Flow.

  1. Clicking “Automate” > “Power Automate” > “See your flows”.
  2. Click on the “Issue tracker – Archive” Flow.
  3. Copy the ID from the end of the URL, between “flows/” and “/details”

Click “Save” to save your changes.

Now for the cool part. Click the “It’s Flow Time!” button on your source list item and if you copied the Flow ID correctly your “archive” item will execute.

I like this pattern for deferring items for later use where a business process object transitions from one state to another (i.e. short term vs long term) and business rules are applied differently between states.

Thanks for reading.


15 thoughts on “Use Power Automate to move Microsoft Lists items to another list

  1. Hey Norm,

    Do you know if there Is anyway to use power automate from Microsoft lists in a non default environment?

    I can’t seem to get “for a selected record” to work for a JSON button that I made with column formatting


  2. This is awesome. Thanks so much! Question – my list items have photos in them and they are not being copied over. Any ideas?


  3. Hi Norm, thanks for the post. Quick question – my source list has several columns with multiple selections. Because of this, when I run this flow for a single item in my source list, multiple rows are being created in my destination list, each with a unique combination of variables. I saw your supplemental post Use Power Automate to copy multiple selections from Choice columns between Microsoft Lists, but I’m getting stuck on how to integrate that flow with the one you’ve outlined above. I’m just trying to copy items exactly as they appear in the source list to the destination list (don’t need to delete anything). Is there a way to do everything in a single flow?


  4. Hi, can you please help, how to move a selected sharepoint list items to a new list along with attachment file.


  5. Hi Norm,
    Greatly appreciate the images above but had a clarifying question. Background – I am needing to create a flow that will copy source information and create/add a new row of information from source list to destination list based on a trigger (‘completed’ status), then have the flow delete the copied row of information from source list (to keep the list clear of all completed projects/implementations/etc. Is that possible and if so what would the flow look like? I believe my company has the standard sharepoint package…


  6. Hi Norm, Do you have a sollution how to incorporate attachments that should also be copied from one list to the other together wih the list item?


    1. Hi Willem,

      No, but I do have the building blocks in other solutions. Let me put together something and get back to you.

      Thanks for reading!



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